HR Support

We are able to offer a full range of corporate services to meet the ever evolving demands on HR and in-house Mobility teams. Our packages have been designed to complement client policy, including concise reporting whilst providing comprehensive personal assistance to the individual relocating assignee.


We work alongside HR to complement the support being provided and ensure that the assignee receives the necessary guidance throughout the relocation process, all managed by a single point of contact who will be familiar with the client policy, the assignee, their family and the relocation journey that they have embarked upon.

Policy Consultation

We can assist with creating new policies in line with industry standards, client needs and requirements or with streamlining existing policies to maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness based on feedback from assignees.



Cost of Living Analysis

We can provide a detailed analysis of the difference between the cost of living in departure and destination cities. The cost of living analysis will include a personalised assessment of the employee and their family, including basic expenses such as; housing, food, taxes and healthcare.

Visa and Immigration Support

We can liaise with HR and the employee in utilising the services of our immigration partner to prepare all appropriate documentation and manage the legal process before entry into the UK. This service can be extended to assist the family of the employee and any domestic staff that may be relocating.



Group Moves

Structured assistance can be provided in line with a service level agreement to ensure that every employee receives an identical service from start to finish.