Move Management


Our move management service has been designed to simplify the moving process.


We will assume responsibility for the co-ordination of the move by managing the whole process in-house, communicating and liaising with the assignee through a single point of contact. We take care of all of the necessary details to ensure that your belongings are transported to your new home safely. We provide a full move management service from consultation through to packing, shipping and storage – our Move Management Consultants will take care of it all.

Wherever you are looking to relocate someone to, our move management services will be able to help.


We will liaise with the removals / shipping companies to simplify and manage the process on behalf of the assignee, providing regular updates on progress.



We can instruct several removals / shipping companies to perform a survey of household goods to be moved to obtain and analyse quotes.



Our in-house consultants will oversee the logistical side of the relocation, monitoring the goods in transit and ensuring the correct customs documentation has been processed.




Safe and secure storage facilities can be sourced at either end of the relocation. As timeframes may not match up exactly, we can provide short-term storage solutions that suit the requirements of the assignee. Alternatively, we can source long-term storage for the duration of the assignment in either the home country or at the destination.




It is vital that the household goods and all providers are fully insured throughout the entire move. We will ensure that the condition of goods pre- and post-move are accounted for and that any damages are reimbursed.