Locata can create virtual tours allowing our clients to explore a property or neighbourhood online anywhere in the world and on any internet connected device. Our virtual tours immerse viewers in a 3D space for them to explore as though they were really there, from top to bottom.

Our tours can include extra information and features too, including expandable information tags providing further useful information for our clients consideration

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Many of our cients are reccomended dozens of neighbourhoods by friends, family and colleagues and it can be exhausting trying to narrow down the potential options when you havent visited the area and have limited knowledge of the local area. Google Street view can be a great starting point, but with the ever changing skyline, it rarely gives a true realtime indication of a neighbourhood, particularly the local amenities and high street make up which is forever changing. We take the stress out of this by completing a virtual tour of any nwighbourhoods that are of interest, including useful points that only someone with local knowledge would think of

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For some clients it's not always possible to be present for homesearch and placing an offer on a property based on mobile phone footage is not ideal. With our virtual homesearches, you are able to explore a property using our 3d platform at your leisure. we are also able to highlight any useful points to consider that are often missed in a traditional video. This emmersive experience gives our clients more confidence in securing a property prior to arrival, and can also be a efficient way of reducing your property shortlist by eliminating properties that are not suitable.






Virtual tours are a compelling way of enhancing a property’s potential through online marketing, increased transparency and efficiency and ultimately lead to an increase of instructions won.


As consumers become increasingly tech-savvy, there is a growing expectation for access to the latest tools to generate interest in properties and drive viewers to listings.

At the same time, the technology behind virtual tours is becoming more sophisticated and accessible which make it a must in for any modern forward thinking agent or landlord


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